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Piles laser treatment in Gurugram


Piles, one of the most dreadful problems on this planet for sure as you have to stay extra conscious while standing, sitting, walking, or even bending. In fact, for every single thing, you pay more attention so that you can you will bear minimum pain. But why there is a need to go through intense pain and discomfort? Can’t we eliminate this problem from the roots to enjoy our life happily? Most of the piles’ sufferers often ask this question. Isn’t It? Well, in that case, it can be certainly possible with the Piles Laser Treatment. It is one of the most effective treatments that can help to treat your piles’ problem permanently. Let’s see how does the laser works?

How does Laser Treatment work?

Before going straight to laser surgical treatment for dreadful piles, you must know how it works. Let’s understand the whole procedure-

  • Firstly, anesthesia is given to patients.
  • Laser energy/signal is sent into submucosal hemorrhoidal nodes directly through the radial fiber.
  • This will shrink swollen nodes from the inside
  • Then the same laser will reduce the blood supply. This inhibits abnormal growth of piles in the rectum.
  • Ultimately this procedure will help to resolve the problem permanently. Also, there will be no recurrence or occurrence of the disease in most cases.


Let’s see how Delhi’s most reputed doctor Dr Ashish Bhanot has performed the laser piles surgery!


How Laser surgery is better than Open surgery treatment?

No doubt, laser surgery treatment is one of the safest, effective and convenient options to choose from. But is it really better and successful than traditional open surgery? No idea? Let’s find out then! Apart from that, you can also pay a visit to Piles Hospital In Gurugram to gather more information regarding the treatment and cost of the procedure.

  • There will be no cuts or wounds in laser surgery, whereas in open surgery you can get cuts and wounds.
  • Laser surgery is a pain-free treatment whereas it is not so in open surgery.
  • There is minimum or no chance of recurrence of piles in laser surgery whereas in open surgery it is quite possible.
  • No diet restrictions in laser surgery, whereas in open surgery you have to remain diet conscious for some time.
  • Last but not least, after laser surgery you can resume to the work just after going through procedure whereas, in open surgery, you have to wait long for 1 or 2 months for recovery.

All in all, you can say that laser surgery comes up with a big list of benefits. So, why to suffer? Why stay in pain and discomfort? Get the Best Piles Laser Treatment In Gurugram from the eminent Dr. Ashish Bhanot. He is one such doctor who is renowned for giving clean surgery without giving any deep cuts or wounds. Also, he makes sure that his patients will get a quick recovery.


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