Non-Vegetarian Diet: A BIG NO for Piles Sufferers?

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There is no such report or study that says the NonVegetarian diet must be cut down from the diet chart of piles sufferers. But still, many fear of consuming non-veg. So, is it good or bad? Whether one should take it or not? Or is there any need to consult a doctor for the treatment for piles to get permanent relief? So many questions tickling in your mind and confusing you a lot? Well, hold for a while and spare your time for this blog. Here, you will get all your queries answered.


Non-Vegetarian Diet Is Good For Piles Sufferer?


  • The non-vegetarian diet contains oils and natural juices. This food is a good source of protein and fiber. So, you can say that you can go for non-vegetarian food even if you are suffering from piles problem. But, everything taken in excessive consumption is harmful. Hence, it is advisable not to eat an excess amount of non-veg as it can increase your troubles.
  • Along with that, doctors at Gurgaon Piles Clinic advised that the consumption of plenty of water can help to piles patients. It helps in the steady bowel movement. A high fiber-rich diet must be strictly consumed to maintain smooth bowel movement as it also maintains the healthy functioning of the body.


 Strict “NO FOODS” For Piles Patients!


For the treatment of piles, it is recommended to take nutrients and fiber-rich diet for normal passage of stool. However, some food items must be ignored and must be not be consumed. These foods can lead to a painful bowel movement, hence should be cut from your diet chart. Let’s see the food items-

  • Caffeine and carbonated drinks lead to constipation or a bloated stomach. It can lead to painful and irregular bowel passage.
  • Dairy food items whipped cream, skim milk, smoothies, heavy thick shakes should be avoided for sure.
  • Oily food items can increase your blood pressure and hence very harmful for piles patients
  • Bakery food items like cakes or bread are devoid of fiber and can lead to hard stools hence you should avoid these items.
  • Polished rich rice loses all nutrition and fiber. It is full of carbohydrates that can lead to constipation which can cause pressure during passing tools. Hence, make sure you not taking the polished rice in your diet.
  • For more information regarding the diet chart and Treatment Of Piles In Gurgaon, you can pay a visit at Aum Clinics.

For a person who is suffering from piles, it is recommended not to avoid non-vegetarian food, but must be in a limited amount. However, make sure that this disease must not be avoided & never left untreated. You can get the best consultation from Dr Ashish Bhanot. He can provide you a laser treatment that can help to eradicate the disease permanently from the roots. During this procedure, patients do not feel pain during and after the treatment. So, why to wait? Consult him today only!

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