Personal Hygiene Tips Piles Sufferers Shouldn’t Miss!

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Personal Hygiene Tips Piles Sufferers Shouldn’t Miss!

These days having piles is not an uncommon thing. Most of the people suffer from them atleast once in their lifetimes. Maintaining a good personal hygiene is important for the healing of piles. But if piles become too painful and can’t be treated by medication or diet then you should opt for surgery of piles in Gurgaon. And it also helps in preventing them developing in the first instance. However, keeping the anal area clean is not the simplest of tasks.

What if we don’t maintain hygiene?

Due to piles the tissues around the anus become inflamed and damaged it i.e. they become vulnerable to infection of the bacteria that is present in your stool. This kind of infection occurs if one does not maintain hygiene properly.

Once this infection occurs then it can further have complications and might develop anal fistulas. It is thought around 50% of patients develop a fistula and thus they require surgical intervention as fistulas don’t usually heal naturally.

7 Tips for Maintaining Hygiene

  • Use hygiene products that are free from perfumed ingredients as they might lead to further irritation on the delicate skin around your anus.
  • Witch hazel as a great natural alternative to these scented products.
  • Don’t use perfumed toilet roll as the results will be similar to that of scented products.
  • Try to avoid douching solutions as they may also contain too much fragrance.
  • Don’t scrub while attempting to clean your anal area, as it can further inflame the tissue in turn causing more irritation.
  • Just bath your rectum in water as it is a great and simple way to aid in keeping the area clean.
  • Some herbal additions to your bath can also help relieve symptoms. These can includeolive oil, lavender oil,chamomile oil, and witch hazel.

Where to go for treatment?

If you already have piles and you want to get them checked then go to the best Gurgaon piles clinic i.e. to Dr Ashish Bhanot. He is a highly skilled and an exceptional doctor. He is well known in the field of piles treatment and he is an expert in various methods to treat piles. He has successfully treated many patients suffering from piles and he has a stellar track record. With him you will get the best treatment for piles in Delhi.

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