Piles Hospital in Gurgaon

Piles hospital in Gurgaon

Piles Hospital in Gurgaon

Piles is considered a very troublesome and painful medical condition. The inflamed tissues and veins in the anal canal are called piles. It causes a lot of discomfort to the patients along with the excruciating and intense pain. People suggest a lot of remedies and treatment for piles but a substantial treatment is must in order to treat the problem from its root. AUM Clinics in Dwarka is the piles hospital in Gurgaon which comes as solution to all your problems concerning piles. Dr. Ashish Bhanot and his team of doctors treats the patients dedicatedly at the clinic.

Piles is also known as hemorrhoids. There are four grades of piles the patients suffer from – Grade1, Grade2, Grade3 and Grade4. Grade 1 and Grade 2 can be treated with home remedies and medications, However, Grade 3 and Grade 4 piles are the severe cases, especially the fourth degree of piles as it cannot be pushed back. Surgery is done for the serious cases.

Treatment at piles hospital in Gurgaon

The exact cause of piles is yet to be known. However, there are other factors too that cause piles like chronic constipation, expectancy, lifting heavy weights, chronic diarrhoea, obesity, diet low in fibers, chronic cough, lack of exercise, etc.

Lifestyle changes are must in order to treat piles. The doctors recommend a good diet which can help in regular and soft stools. A good diet rich in fruits and vegetables is essential along with the routine exercise. Physical activities must be included in daily schedule even if it is walking for 30 minutes. Body weight must be maintained in order to reduce the severity of piles.

The patients who cannot get treated with medications, changes in lifestyle and home remedies are treated with surgical procedures like banding, infrared coagulation, stapling, etc. Dr. Ashish Bhanot is a piles specialist in Gurgaon who comes to the rescue of all the patients suffering from piles. All those looking for the treatment in and around Gurgaon can reach AUM Clinics, Dwarka, piles hospital in Gurgaon.

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