What Can You Do To Relieve Your Piles Pain?

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What Can You Do To Relieve Your Piles Pain?

Even though most of us or people we know are suffering from piles, we don’t seem to talk about it much. There are too much taboo and embarrassment surrounding the subject of piles. And amidst all these, we seem to forget to talk about what’s important i.e. what to do about this condition.

There are various treatment options available out there but piles laser treatment in Gurugram is one of the most effective and popular ones. So, if you are suffering from piles then you should consult a medical professional for its treatment. But can you do something for the pain as well?

Things you can do at home to relieve piles pain

  • If you are eating foods containing high salt or spice then this may cause discomfort to you. So you should avoid eating very spicy or salty foods.
  • Since we are on the topic of food, you should also try to avoid fatty foods as they can cause dehydration. Instead, eat lots of fibrous foods.
  • ALWAYS stay hydrated. Drink a lot of water as water will help you greatly with your piles.
  • Try switching your toilet paper to a softer brand or use flushable wet wipes.
  • Staying active is very important if you are suffering from piles. Activities like running and swimming have a good effect but some activities like cycling or weight lifting can worsen your piles.
  • Avoid prolonged periods of sitting because it will affect your piles in a bad way and you will feel more pain and discomfort.

What else can you do to ensure being piles free?

If you have piles then you can do all the above-mentioned things to relieve pain but it is not exactly a treatment. In order to get piles treatment, you should visit the best piles hospital in Gurugram. They have expert doctors like Dr. Ashish Bhanot who is famous for treating piles. Surgery is the best way to be piles free permanently but there is a better option with lesser side effects. With piles laser treatment in Gurugram, you will get the same effective results as surgery but minus all the side effects.

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